Darren S

Medina, OH
March 8, 2018

I recently returned to my home in Medina after a much needed vacation. My much needed vacation turned into a nightmare when I noticed a few days after returning that I had most likely brought bed bugs home with me! I called my residential pest control company Defense Pest Control Services and was excited to learn that they also deal with bed bug control. Not only do they do a visual inspection but they also offer a K-9 bed bug inspection as well. Defense Pest Control was able to come to my home that same day as it was an emergency pest control situation. The bed bug inspector did find that my bedroom and all my belongings were infested with bed bugs. It took bed bug heat treatments as well as chemical treatments to rid my home of these nasty bugs! I will forever be grateful to Defense Pest! i recommend them to anyone in need of residential or commercial pest control!

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