Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Extermination

Bed Bug Free are the leading experts concerning bed bugs in Cleveland, Akron, as well as the Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas of Ohio. Since 2005 we have been licensed, certified, and insured to deliver our valued customers with professional grade services. Bed Bug Free technicians and canines have advanced training, experience, and natural skills in the industry. With the aid of high-end equipment and products available exclusively to licensed professionals, Bed Bug Free can assure premium results. Bed Bug Free upholds high work ethics and moral standards, applies friendly customer service skills, and superior execution on all service rendered to ensure our customers find a pleasant reprieve in the midst of dealing with the stress of bed bugs.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are nocturnal blood feeders, favoring human hosts. So fitting their given name, bed bugs are often found in your bed as they prefer to stay conveniently close to their meal source. In small numbers they generally will stick to hiding throughout the bed; mattress, box spring, linens, frame, and headboard. Before eating their meal, they appear brown and flat. Afterwards they look red and engorged. Bed bugs are only about the size of an apple seed by adulthood. Being so small and needing security during the daylight hours, bed bugs will spread throughout the room when they increase in numbers by hiding in other furnishings, under baseboards and picture frames, behind lifted wallpaper, in outlets and electronics and nearly anywhere that accommodates their body.

Effective Chemical Bed Bug Spray Treatment Applications

Commercial businesses and residential homes that suspect the presence of bed bugs should immediately call upon Bed Bug Free for immediate action. We first implement our visual or K9 inspection to have a firm understanding as to where the bed bugs and their viable eggs are located throughout the structure. Once Bed Bug Free technicians know where the bed bugs are located, extermination process can begin. One method used that is highly effective is our heating method. Many commercial or residential homes have circumstances where the heating method is not optimal. This is no problem for Bed Bug Free!. Our chemical bed bug treatments are just as effective at destroying your bed bugs and their eggs. Our bed bug chemical application is safe for your home or business but devastating to bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Extermination in Akron, Canton, Solon, Parma and NE and NW Ohio

Bed Bug Free will evaluate the Cleveland, Akron, as well as the Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas of Ohio home or business building and consult with you on any necessary preparations you need to make along with answering any questions you have regarding the Bed Bug Free chemical procedure as well as what to expect afterwards. If you suspect bed bugs are infesting your home or business contact Bed Bug Free immediately. After we perform our inspections we will apply the chemical treatments where needed to exterminate the bed bugs infiltrating your home.

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