Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Free generally performs a visual or canine inspection to your commercial building or residential home when you suspect bed bug activity. Once our experts have a firm grasp on where the bed bugs are, along with their eggs, we begin the extermination process. Our Bed Bug Free heat treatment is highly effective. Bed bugs, nor their eggs, can with stand hot temperatures of 117 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. With our heating method, the bed bugs seeking refuge in places unreachable to chemical treatments, like in the walls for example, can easily penetrate through to effectively terminate the bed bugs. Your commercial business or residential home will require little preparation on your part with Bed Bug Free heating treatment. All our specialists need from you is to remove the clutter. Fabrics, books, magazines, junk mail and so on need to be cleared away for maximum effectiveness. From room to room we recommend that piles of laundry be put away, expired catalogs and junk mail gets tossed, and linens get donated, tossed or put away as well as books and magazines. Bed bugs and other pests are attracted to the clutter for nesting and consumption purposes, keeping them from accumulating can also contribute to avoiding future outbreaks!

Bed Bug Chemical Spray Treatment Applications

Commercial businesses and residential homes that suspect the presence of bed bugs should immediately call upon Bed Bug Free for immediate action. We first implement our visual or K9 inspection to have a firm understanding as to where the bed bugs and their viable eggs are located throughout the structure. Once Bed Bug Free technicians know where the bed bugs are located, extermination process can begin. One method used that is highly effective is our heating method. Many commercial or residential homes have circumstances where the heating method is not optimal. This is no problem for Bed Bug Free! Our chemical bed bug treatments are just as effective at destroying your bed bugs and their eggs. Our bed bug chemical application is safe for your home or business but devastating to bed bugs and their eggs.

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