Commercial Bed Bug Inspection & Removal Services for Your Business

Bed Bug Free is fully certified, licensed, and insured to bring the commercial businesses and residential homes of Cleveland, Akron, Greater Northeast, and Greater Northwest, Ohio with bed bug control services. Since 2005 we have exclusively specialized in bed bug control, to help our customers break free from bed bug infestations. Bed Bug Free technicians are trained, experienced, and skilled experts in the field. With Bed Bug Free, you can expect many important attribute applications such as; high moral values, exceptional work ethics, friendly customer service, and impeccable dedication on all services we perform. Bed Bug Free uses nothing less than top graded products and equipment to assure maximum results.

Bed Bug Services for All Commercial Businesses

Bed Bug Free caters to commercial entities with all of our bed bug services including; Consultations, Education Services, Visual Inspection Service, Canine Inspection Service, Heat Exterminating Treatments, Chemical Exterminating Treatments, Prevention Services, Detection and Removal Services.

Fast Spreading Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are tiny little critters craving human blood and capable of adapting to any environment. They can slip into your in business unnoticed, set up residency and quickly multiply. It is a vicious rumor they require filthy habitats to flourish, as even your well kept commercial establishment can be infested and be the new banquet hall for these little blood suckers. With Bed Bug Free, our services can quickly eradicate them.

Bed Bug Prevention & Removal Consultation & Education Services

Bed Bug Free consultation and education service is in place to help business owners understand the services we provide in depth including financial obligations, steps we take, and what little limited preparation we require from you. During our consultation and education service, you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have; and to get better educated about bed bugs. For example, Bed Bug Free experts can share more information on how to prevent them, how to prevent major infestations from breaking out, bed bug habits and so on. The more educated you are on bed bugs, the more power you have on dealing with them.

Bed Bug Visual & Canine Inspections

Bed Bug Free offers visual and K9 inspections services to local businesses. Whether you feel more inclined to have the traditional visual inspection or the modern K9 inspection or a combination of the two, both have been vigorously trained and certified to go above and beyond the qualifications and are more than effective about finding the bed bugs and viable eggs lurking throughout your building that can ensure our extermination process is efficient.

Bed Bug Heat & Chemical Extermination Methods

Bed Bug Free performs chemical application as well as gas or power heat application for bed bug extermination to commercial establishments. We consult with you on our recommendations based on the dynamics of your business. Both methods are effective and can assuredly remove the bed bugs from your business with ease.

Commercial Bed Bug Inspection & Removal Services for Your Business in Greater Cleveland area as well as Akron, Canton, Solon, Parma and NE and NW Ohio

If your commercial business in Cleveland, Akron, Greater Northeast, and Greater Northwest, Ohio is suspected of having bed bugs, let the bed bugs experts handle it. Contact Bed Bugs Free immediately before the bed bug infestation continues to grow.

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