Hotel, Motel & Lodging Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment Extermination Services

Bed Bug Free specializes in bed bug services and we offer them to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured to deliver our professional services at affordable prices. Bed Bug Free specialists possess advanced and ongoing training, years of priceless experience, and extra ordinary skills that more than qualify them to perform any tasks associated with the services we offer. In addition to having the leading professionals in the industry, Bed Bug Free utilizes premium quality products and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals to ensure maximum results. Our customers have come to expect high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and apply friendly customer service while executing superior workmanship.

How Do Hotels & Motels Prevent Bed Bugs? They Call for Bed Bug Inspections to Catch Infestations Early!

Bed Bug Free takes care of the lodging establishments including the hotels and motels throughout Cleveland, Akron, Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas of Ohio with our bed bug services, such as; Consultations and Education Services, Visual Inspection and Canine Inspection Services, Heat Exterminating and Chemical Exterminating Treatments, Prevention Services, Detection and Removal Services. As bed bugs are tiny enough to go unnoticed and hide during the daylight hours, they can multiply quickly and take advantage of your slumbering guests. Getting bad reviews and becoming notoriously known for bed bugs is a detriment to any lodging business, but thanks to Bed Bug Free, we can take care of the bed bug problems quickly and efficiently as well as assist you in prevention.

Bed Bug Guidance & Consultation Services for Hotel & Motel Managers

Bed Bug Free hotel/motel consultation service is in place to offer you with an opportunity to become familiar with our team of professionals, understand the services in detail on how they are performed as discretely as possible, and discuss the costs involved as well as answer all questions you have concerning bed bugs, our procedures, and how they affect your establishment.

Inspecting for Bed Bugs in Hotel & Motel Rooms

Bed Bug Free inspection services, whether it is visual inspection or K9 inspection is an effective way to determine where the bed bugs are, as well as their viable eggs for optimal solutions and strategies regarding extermination procedures and treatments. Our K9 team is 100% certified through NECDCA to ensure effective results. They are capable of inspecting large buildings quickly and efficiently with minimal intrusion.

Removal of Bed Bugs from Hotels & Motels

Bed Bug Free offer motels, hotels, and other lodging businesses exterminating treatments; both heat techniques and chemical techniques for satisfactory results. Both methods are proven safe and effective to destroy bed bugs and their viable eggs. If our experts confirm bed bugs are present in your hotel or motel, we can discuss the procedure and effects of each method and decide on the course of action best suited for your needs.

Hotel, Motel & Lodging Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment Extermination Services in Akron, Canton, Solon, Parma and NE and NW Ohio

Bed Bug Free wants to help prevent any future outbreaks, with our prevention and education services, we can better inform you on bed bugs, as well as the best means to help minimize the risk of future outbreaks along with routinely scheduled maintenance treatments. If you suspect bed bugs, or wish to avoid them in your hotel, motel, or other lodging accommodation in Cleveland, Akron, Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas of Ohio, contact Bed Bug Free today to get started!

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