Bed Bug Inspections

Visual Bed Bug Inspections

A principal service Bed Bug Free offers our commercial and residential customers is our visual bed bug inspection service. Our specialists have endured countless hours of advanced training, possess years of experience, and have the skills and expertise to perform a visual bed bug inspection throughout the commercial and residential buildings. From room to room, our experts will evaluate the common and unorthodox hiding places bed bugs can hide in. Once the meticulous and detailed inspection is completed, Bed Bug Free can then make the necessary arrangements for the most efficient method of extermination. If you suspect bed bugs in your home or business throughout Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, as well as the Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas, contact Bed Bug Free as soon as possible to avoid excessive infestation. Confirming you have a bed bug infestation takes more than spotting a few insects or spots of blood. With Bed Bug Free our inspections can pin point the locations of the bed bugs, where they are more concentrated, and where eggs have been laid to ensure thorough extermination. Call us today to schedule your visual inspection service.

Bed Bug K9 Inspections

Bed Bug Free offers local businesses and homes, our K9 inspection services. Being fully trained and certified, our canines and handlers are effective at finding bed bugs and their viable eggs quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Being able to sniff out their pungency our expert dogs can do a bed bug inspection with less intrusion than bed bug visual inspection. Certified in NECDCA, the dogs and handlers a required to train a specified number of hours before testing. Once the tests are passed with flying colors they begin their careers. After our beloved furry staff members locate the bed bugs, we can then perform the most optimal method of exterminating the bed bugs from your home or business. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your residential or commercial establishment in Cleveland, Akron, as well as the Greater Northeast and Greater Northwest areas of Ohio, call in Bed Bug Free as soon as possible. Bed bugs multiply quickly and with the aid of a professional assistance from our K9 team, we can perform a canine inspection service to begin the extermination process.

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