Cleveland, Ohio One of Worst Cities for Bed Bugs in 2019! How to Prevent from Spreading & More

Due to bed bug awareness week 2019 experts put together a list of the most bed bug infested cities. Of the 50 top cities, Cincinnati was the highest ranked Ohio city, coming it at No. 5 on the list. Coming in at number 7 was Cleveland, and number 11 was Columbus. Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped blood-sucking insects that are flat, but after a feeding become a reddish color and engorged. Though they are not linked to any diseases, they can cause allergic reactions and bite-site reactions or people with sensitivity to their bite. Today, we at Bed Bug Free would like to elaborate on bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Hitchhike & Spread Quickly

Bed bugs are known hitchhikers, they travel in suitcases, purses, jackets, secondhand furniture, and other personal belongings. These insects are notorious for infesting beds but can be within hiding in upholstered furniture and behind baseboards too. Bed bugs are found across the country and found in small and big cities alike. These tiny vampires are pilfering blood to sustain life and pose public health concerns. Bed bugs are an epidemic that has a negative impact on mental health, physical health and finances. With Ohio dominating the top 50 list of bed bug infestations having 6 cities, we want to help travelers be more careful with how they can reduce bed bug infestations. Because bed bugs are brought into the building or home, usually after one has traveled, but can be brought in from visiting any public transportation or establishment.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Spreading

1) After checking into lodging, be sure to thoroughly inspect the box spring, mattress, and headboards. Be sure to look for the bugs, exoskeleton and dark bloods.
2) Travelers should also look for newly hatched nymphs that are cream-colored and the size of letters on a penny. Adults bed bugs are about the size, shape and color of an apple seed. Bed bug eggs are small translucent, which are commonly found in the tucks and folds of sheets.
3) Do not leave any clothes on the floor, furniture, or bed; keep them hung up or secure in your travel bag. Do not use the drawers in the furniture in the hotel.
4) As far from the bed as possible, store the suitcases on a luggage rack.
5) Immediately wash clothing in hot water and vacuum out the suitcase once you returned home.
6) Away from bedrooms, be sure to store luggage in a sealed plastic bag in a garage or basement in between traveling.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Where bed bugs have a tendency to only come out at night while the host sleeps, as a result, few see the bed bugs themselves although during the inspection they may find them at the time. Red flags of bed bugs include seeing the itchy bed bug bites on exposed skin while sleeping, exoskeleton skins, and red blood drops on the sheets.

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